Fold The Nuts

by Fold The Nuts

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Fold The Nuts are:
Chris Mitsos - drums
Chris "soustas" Tzoustas - bass & vocals
Kimon Karapetsis - guitar & vocals
George "fatcat" Katapodis - guitar & vocals


released December 15, 2014

Recorded and mixed by Stefanos Sidiropoulos @ Home Studio
Additional recordings @ Radiovoice Studios & @ Destiny Studios
All artwork by George Katapodis
All music written by Fold The Nuts



all rights reserved


Fold The Nuts Athens, Greece

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Track Name: Milk
i eat, i shit, i puke
i’m coming back for more
somewhere in my stomach
there’s a nuclear civil war
i’m blinded, excited, i’m out of my mind
and my room has no room at all

i’m having one of those weird moments
i can’t get enough
and we just ran out of milk
i’m staring at my empty bowl
and there’s no milk left to fall
now i’m sweating from my eyes
Track Name: Fortune Teller
shit dude i just forgot about your birthday
but i don't even give a crap cause you're lame
you both are the same and the feeling's mutual

fuck you your girlfriend's bed isn't the way to
live your life in a can with no friends
the game always ends and you're left full of regrets

now there's noone around
and you're sick of this town
let it burn down
so long and fuck you

now she's fooling around
and you're losing your crown
you should bow down
i'm your fortune teller
Track Name: Pro Finger Skater
getting my neck tattooed was probably a bad idea
it causes laughter instead of fear
every chord i play is fake
there’s no reason to create

don’t search for meanings, i don’t care about the lyrics
everyone focus on the way i fucking pose
i hope some girl noticed my moves in the mosh-pit
it’s all about fashion, and so am i

i’m gonna play my boring song
in front of those autistic fan girls
i’m the shining lie they call popularity
just another empty celebrity
in hell with my famous friends
Track Name: Lemonade
when did you lose all hope
when did you become so cynical
when life crushes down you're supposed to get up again

where's the person i met who had big dreams,ambition
every morning was met with a smile
and every night had a new story to tell
i remember when you thought you could conquer the world

when did you start hating your own reflection
and living life in moderation
just trying to get by, loathing became the go to reaction

when life crushes down you're supposed to get up again
so please don't give up and move on
Track Name: We Have A Winner
her mind is set, she's putting on her dress
she's looking in the mirror for the slightest thing to fix
she's so hot yeah, a perfect ten she'll cause erections everywhere

she grabs her purse, her diamond rings
she looks just like those girls in magazines
she gets her coat, the furry one
cause she doesn't like the sun

his mind is set, he's getting laid tonight
he's looking in the mirror and he's liking what he's seeing
the rock abs the perfect smile, he'll surely find someone tonight

he grabs his keys for his racing car
his father bought him for his birthday last year
he doesn't care he's so damn cool, he doesn't need to know

we seem so disengaged
so caught up in our lives
city lights are blinding me
maybe it's easier to give in

now your mind is set, you're living the good life
provided by a job that is never satisfying
a couple of kids, an ugly divorce
cause you don't know what you want

you seek the truth, a purpose in life
that strays from the path that's already been designed
you had your chance, your odds were crooked
is it wrong that i find myself amused?

why should i care when you care about nothing but yourself?
Track Name: History & Heroes
i’ve got a six feet boner for every hobo in the corner
and if i close my eyes
some will fall and some will rise

let’s rip all the books apart and write the history again
let’s bring back the noise of joy
and fight darkness ‘till the end
for those who died in the streets
the kids who fought against them all
for those who saved the ones
for those who stand and break the walls

from now on i’ll take what’s mine
from now on i’ll always smile

i’ve got a 13 year old stoner
and his dad is still not sober
‘cause he thinks his son is fine
but he never walked inside